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Successful Participation of Variant Factory in the InterBuildExpo 2018, Kyiv

Successful Participation of Variant Factory in the InterBuildExpo 2018, Kyiv

March, 2018 has become significant for our Company; we have won partners of Ukrainian, Polish, Belarusian, Moldavian and Romanian markets.

For just four days over 5000 people visited the exposition booth of Variant Company that took part in the largest international exhibition of building equipment InterBuildExpo 2018, Kyiv. This value is excellent for such exhibition in Ukraine.

Large number of visitors noted the scale of IEC Expo Center hosted the exhibition and hugeness of the exposition booth of Variant Company.

During 4 days the specialists of the Company managed to conduct more than 50 productive meetings with new representatives of construction industry. Some of the visitors of our exhibition booth, having appraised the quality of the products presented and professionalism of the employees became our official partners having obtained estimates and signed agreements for supply of formwork to construct residential property.

Among the equipment displayed in the exhibition booth there were presented such already well-known systems as Varimax, Varimid, Handi, Ringform, Variflex, etc. that had been modernized in terms of up-to-date requirements and conditions.

About company

Variant Factory Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding for monolithic building in Eastern Europe, operating since 1995. Variant Factory Ltd. is a part of a production corporation of five enterprises involved in metal working and in manufacturing of metal working machinery.The corporation started from a company for metal sections, stamps and molds production. And as a next step of the engineering skills of the staff of the company Variant Factory started to develop different systems of formwork and scaffolding, now dominating in the market of Ukraine.

International Sales Department:

Tel. / Fax: +38 (057) 756-33-33

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